Meet The Presenters




  Debbie Carmody

Debbie is an Anangu woman who began broadcasting in 1984 with ABC radio in Kalgoorlie, Perth & Sydney- she left the ABC to work in Community Radio. Debbie enjoys working in Community Radio as it is relaxed & not pretentious, it is laid-back & accessible to the local community. It's a nice environment to work in. Debbie has a strong interest in the development of First Nation Radio in the Goldfields region, because it allows First Nation people a 'voice'.


  Libby Carmody

Libby is an Anangu woman who loves working at Tjuma Pulka as it is a culturally friendly and safe environment to work in, where she can contribute to the wider community. Libby is responsible for Tjuma Pulka’s music playlist and believes it is important to explore the diversity of First Nations and unsigned Australian musicians